Avoid hand injuries

If you injure your hands, your quality of life will be significantly impacted, and it can take a long time before you recover. But with the right hand protection, you can minimise your risk of injury. Always wear gloves that fit your hands and are appropriate for the environment in which you are working.

INJURIES CAUSED BY VIBRATION People working with vibrating machinery and tools can develop injuries caused by vibration. These injuries develop gradually and can be incurable. People who work with strongly vibrating tools often also develop problems with their necks, as well as shoulder pain that radiates down the arm and into the hand. Pain in the shoulders and elbows is also common. Always use anti-vibration gloves when working with vibrating machinery and tools – that way, you will prevent injury.

HYPERSENSITIVITY/ALLERGY Hypersensitivity is when a person repeatedly reacts with symptoms to something in the environment or their working environment that most other people tolerate. Allergy is an acquired hypersensitivity to a substance. Some occupational groups are more exposed to substances that can give rise to hypersensitivity and allergies. With the right protective gloves, these problems can be prevented or relieved.

FROSTBITE When the air temperature is lower than +10°C, you can get frostbite. This risk increases with wind and humidity. Direct contact with cold surfaces cools the hand considerably. People who work in the cold outdoors are particularly vulnerable, but even those working indoors, for example in the food industry, may be affected.

CRUSH INJURIES mean that the tissue and bones of the fingers suffer a mechanical overload. A crush injury generally occurs when a glove gets stuck in moving parts of machinery. If you work with or near the moving parts of machinery, it is especially important to choose a glove of the right size and a less durable fabric. The idea is that the glove will easily tear and disintegrate if it gets stuck.

CUTS When you handle parts or tools with sharp edges, it's easy to suffer cut injuries. The unprotected sharp edges of cutting machinery and hand tools also constitute a high risk.