Product care

Your gloves must be stored in such a way that their protective qualities do not deteriorate. Some glove materials, for example natural rubber, have a limited storage life.

Care for your gloves

  • The instructions for use for your gloves describe clearly how they should be cleaned, dried and stored. The gloves should also be cleaned on the inside.
  • If protective gloves are to be reused, they must be inspected. Are they whole and clean? Have they lost any of their protective qualities?
  • If the gloves have been used as protection against hazardous chemicals, they should be discarded at the end of the working day – or earlier where necessary.



  • There should be procedures at your workplace for how gloves are to be used, but also how they should be treated as waste. 
  • The gloves themselves are combustible but their use can affect how they are handled as waste.
  • For gloves that have been used as protection against hazardous chemicals, specific environmental regulations apply.