Foot protection

Innovation is a driving force at Ejendals, as we deliver quality and knowledge, which in turn increases the safety of end users. We do this by distributing the world's best protective products for hands and feet, while also increasing knowledge of hand and foot protection according to our safety concept. Our products and services go hand in hand.

At Ejendals, we do not only provide gloves and shoes. We provide safety and security, working towards a situation where there are zero injuries to hands and feet. We sell a whole concept, which we refer to as our safety concept.

When we work with a customer, we have a set number of targets: we want to reduce the number of accidents that occur, we want to improve levels of attendance, and we want to reduce long-term costs as quality always pays in the long run. Investments in quality hand and foot protection result in fewer occupational injuries, improved levels of attendance and increased productivity, ultimately leading to lower overall costs. 

Ejendals’ concept is to deliver the best quality possible. Our products make everyday life safer at tens of thousands of workplaces in Europe.