Introducing JALAS® Zenit EVO – Next Generation Safety Shoes with Added Sporty Comfort


JALAS® Zenit EVO is our next generation collection of light to medium-duty safety shoes. It combines a lightweight sporty design and sock-like ergonomic fit with seamless breathability and safety protection.

step into your comfort zone

When you work "in the zone" you move freely and perform at your best. Your shoes move woth you, like a natural extension of your body. Something magical happens: you forget you´re wearing shoes at all. This is how it feel to step into a pair of JALAS® Zenit EVOs. 

All six models combine a lightweight sporty design and sock-like ergonomic fit, seamless construction and enhanced breathability, as well as JALAS® signature foot protection. With JALAS® Zenit EVO, we invite you to step into your comfort zone - that state of mind where you feel safe, powerful, at ease and in total control. 

Three of the six EVO models feature the latest L6 Boa® Closure System, which provides a dialed-in fit with no pressure points. A strong, coated stainless steel wire combined with quick-release dial make it easy to slip your EVOs on and off. For those who prefer a more classic look and functionality, several models are available as lace-ups.


what´s new in the zenit evo?

ADDED BREATHABILITY - Seamless knit upper structure and lining. 

MORE HIGH-TECH MATERIALS - PTC plasma-treated composite textile and nail penetration insert.

ADVANCED INSOLE CONCEPT - JALAS® FX3 Supreme insole for ergonomics, comfort and shock absorption.

MODERN SPORTY DESIGN - Inspired by on-the-go lifestyles at home and work.

SOCK-LIKE ERGONOMIC COMFORT - Based on high-tech materials and JALAS® 100 years of ergonomic foot protection and know-how.

15% LIGHTER WEIGHT - Thanks to innovative high-tech materials.

NEW SEVEN-LAYER CUSHIONING SYSTEM - Updated and refined from earlier Zenit models.

RPU OUTSOLE - With multicolor design, superior grip and comfort. 

JALAS Zenit EVO Collection Outsole