Outsole materials on JALAS sasfety shoes

Different materials are used to give the best features, ergonomics and the highest security on the shoes that you wear at work


The sole has a unique molecular structure with many small suction cups
that provide a great grip on wet and slippery surfaces. It is divided into
three areas that follow the various step phases in a natural way.


Provides a good grip on slippery or wet surfaces – on snow and ice as
well. The sole stays soft and flexible, even in very cold temperatures.
It is heat resistant up to 300°C and therefore suitable for work in hot
environments. The sole can also withstand strong concentrations of
chemicals up to a certain limit.


Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber is widely known for its physical
strength and resistance to heat and oil. It also provides extraordinary
grip on wet ice. HNBR remains soft even in very cold climate. Found in
footwear with Vibram® Arctic Grip outsole.

PU - Polyurethane 

Polyurethane is a material that provides footwear with a firm grip and
high durability.

TPU - thermoplastic polyurethane

TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane with very high elastic and wearresistant
properties. Most suitable for indoor or outdoor work in clean,
dry environments.